Indian Subsidiary

An Indian subsidiary refers to a business entity that is controlled and owned by a foreign company, referred to as the parent company or holding company, located outside of India. The subsidiary operates as a separate legal entity under Indian law, even though its majority shares or ownership are held by the foreign parent company.

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Indian Subsidiary

A subsidiary is a company that is controlled by another company, known as the parent company or holding company. The relationship between a parent company and its subsidiary is characterized by ownership and control, where the parent company typically owns more than half of the subsidiary’s voting stock or has the ability to control its operations and strategic decisions.


Indian Subsidiary

Market Access

Establishing an Indian subsidiary provides direct access to one of the world’s fastest-growing major economies. India offers a large and diverse market with significant opportunities across various industries and sectors.

Legal Compliance

Operating through a registered subsidiary ensures compliance with Indian laws and regulations, which is essential for conducting business legally in India. It provides a structured framework for governance, taxation, employment laws, and industry-specific regulations.

Risk Mitigation

By operating through a separate legal entity, the parent company can mitigate risks associated with its Indian operations. This includes limiting liability to the subsidiary’s assets and protecting the parent company’s global assets from local legal issues and financial risks.

Access to Talent

India is known for its skilled workforce across various sectors, including technology, engineering, finance, and healthcare. Establishing a subsidiary in India allows access to a large pool of talented professionals and specialists who can contribute to the subsidiary’s growth and innovation.

Local Presence

Having a subsidiary in India enables closer proximity to customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders in the Indian market. This proximity enhances market understanding, responsiveness to local needs, and customer relationship management.

Brand Localization

A local subsidiary allows for localized branding and marketing strategies tailored to the Indian market. This includes adapting products, services, and messaging to resonate with local preferences and cultural nuances.

Tax Benefits

Setting up an Indian subsidiary may offer tax advantages, such as deductions, exemptions, and incentives available under Indian tax laws. These benefits can optimize the subsidiary’s tax liability and contribute to overall tax efficiency for the global group

Strategic Partnerships

Having a local presence through a subsidiary facilitates building strategic partnerships with Indian companies, institutions, and government bodies. These partnerships can create synergies, foster innovation, and open up new business opportunities in the Indian market.


Required Documents For Income Tax

Aadhar Card

In other cases, an Aadhar card, the director(s), or partner(s) is required for Income Tax .

Pan Card

In other cases, a PAN card or the director(s) or partner(s).

GST registration

GST Certificate Issued by the GST Department.

Bank Account Details

Required Cancel Cheque and Bank Statement.

Business Type

Required Type Of Business like Partnership, Private Limited, OPC.

Proof of investment

The nature of the business, like the kind of service you offer.


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