Section-8 Registration

Section 8 Registration refers to the process of incorporating a company under Section 8 of the Companies Act, 2013 in India. This section of the Act specifically governs the formation and operations of companies that are established for promoting charitable objectives, including those related to arts, science, commerce, education, research, social welfare, religion, charity, protection of environment, or any other similar purpose.

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Section-8 Registration

Section 8 registration under the Companies Act, 2013 in India pertains to the incorporation of companies that are formed with the primary purpose of promoting charitable activities, social welfare, scientific research, education, religion, art, or other similar objectives beneficial to the public. These entities are commonly known as Section 8 companies, named after the corresponding section of the Companies Act.


Section-8 Registration

Legal Recognition

Section 8 registration provides formal legal recognition to entities dedicated to charitable or socially beneficial objectives. This enhances credibility and trustworthiness among donors, beneficiaries, and stakeholders.

Tax Exemptions

Eligibility for tax exemptions under the Income Tax Act, 1961 for income applied towards charitable objectives. This includes exemptions for donations received and income generated from activities directly related to the organization’s objectives.

Enhanced Credibility and Trust

Being registered under Section 8 enhances the organization’s credibility, making it easier to attract donations, grants, and partnerships from individuals, businesses, and government agencies interested in supporting charitable causes.

Promotion of Social Causes:

Section 8 companies play a pivotal role in promoting social development by focusing on education, healthcare, environmental conservation, poverty alleviation, and other critical areas that benefit society at large.

Non-Profit Status

Section 8 companies are established not for profit-making but for promoting specific social or charitable causes. This status allows them to focus solely on their mission without the pressure to generate profits for shareholders.

Limited Liability

Similar to other types of companies, Section 8 companies provide limited liability protection to their members. The personal assets of members are protected in case of legal claims or debts incurred by the company.

Access to Funding:

Section 8 registration facilitates access to funding and financial support from various sources, including philanthropic foundations, corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives, government grants, and individual donors interested in supporting social welfare activities.

Long-term Sustainability

Section 8 registration encourages long-term sustainability and continuity of operations, as the organization’s mission and objectives are safeguarded against changes in leadership or ownership. This stability is crucial for effective planning and execution of charitable activities.


Required Documents For Section-8 Registration

Aadhar Card

In other cases, an Aadhar card, the director(s), or partner(s) is required for Income Tax .

Pan Card

In other cases, a PAN card or the director(s) or partner(s).

GST registration

GST Certificate Issued by the GST Department.

Bank Account Details

Required Cancel Cheque and Bank Statement.

Business Type

Required Type Of Business like Partnership, Private Limited, OPC.

Proof of investment

The nature of the business, like the kind of service you offer.


Section-8 Registration

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