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IEC stands for Importer Exporter Code. It is a 10-digit code issued by the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT), Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India. The IEC is mandatory for any person or entity engaged in importing or exporting goods and services from India to other countries or vice versa. Here are key points about IEC

The Importer Exporter Code is a unique identification number assigned to importers and exporters in India. It is alphanumeric and serves as a primary identification for customs authorities and other government agencies involved in international trade.

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The Importer Exporter Code (IEC) is a 10-digit unique identification number issued by the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT), Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India. It is a mandatory requirement for individuals or entities involved in importing or exporting goods and services to or from India. Here’s an introduction to the Importer Exporter Code (IEC).

Obtaining an IEC is mandatory under the Foreign Trade (Development and Regulation) Act, 1992. It is essential for clearing goods through customs, filing shipping documents (such as Shipping Bills or Bill of Entry), and availing export benefits or incentives.



Mandatory Requirement

IEC is a mandatory requirement for any person or entity wishing to engage in the import or export of goods and services to or from India. It ensures compliance with legal and regulatory frameworks under the Foreign Trade (Development and Regulation) Act, 1992.

Global Market Access

With an IEC, businesses can expand their market reach and explore opportunities in international markets. It enables them to engage in global trade activities, establish partnerships with foreign suppliers or customers, and compete on a global scale.

Enhances Credibility

Holding an IEC enhances the credibility and reliability of businesses engaged in international trade. It demonstrates their commitment to complying with legal and regulatory requirements, thereby building trust among international suppliers, customers, and financial institutions.

Documentation and Compliance

Having an IEC ensures proper documentation and compliance with customs regulations, export-import policies, and trade agreements. It reduces the risk of delays, penalties, or legal issues related to non-compliance during international trade transactions.

Facilitates International Trade:

IEC facilitates smooth and hassle-free import and export transactions by providing a unique identification number recognized by customs authorities, banks, and other government agencies. It streamlines documentation and clearance processes at ports of entry and exit.

Avail Export Incentives

IEC enables businesses to avail various export incentives, benefits, and concessions offered under the Foreign Trade Policy of India. These incentives may include duty drawback, Merchandise Exports from India Scheme (MEIS), and Export Promotion Capital Goods (EPCG) scheme benefits.

Operational Flexibility

IEC provides operational flexibility for businesses to import raw materials, components, or finished goods required for manufacturing, processing, or trading activities. It supports supply chain management by facilitating timely import of goods and materials.

Lifetime Validity

Once issued, the IEC is valid for the lifetime of the entity or business. There is no need for renewal or revalidation unless there are changes in the information provided during the application process. This ensures continuity and stability in conducting import-export operations.


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Proof of investment

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